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Fiber optic cable industry’s chance and challenge in China

December 19, 2019

As the "broadband China" strategy, LTE licence and 100Gand other policies,Optical fiber cable industry in China ushered in the greater development , However, in the process development, there are some problems are highlights like blind expansion of the industry leads to overcapacity. Lack of key technology etc. Therefore, some experts offer some suggestion for the fiber optic cable industry.

Firstly,Optimize the product structure, improve the industrial chain upstream and downstream, Secondly,we have to find the differentiation strategy. Finally, expand the new international market.

In order to improve the integrate competition,extend the optic fiber perform profits, the company have to enhance the cooperation to change the” made in China “to Innovated in China .At present , domestic companies can produce the fiber optic perform independent .

In order to meet different operators, different application and oversea market requirements, we must be innovated continuously.